MaFA - Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2009)

BA English Literature - Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA (1998)


Out of the Box exhibitions (oil on cardboard boxes), CellSpace residency (San Francisco, USA)

Spacecraft exhibitions (oil on cardboard boxes), CellSpace gallery (San Francisco, USA)

Muddy's exhibition (oil on cardboard boxes) (San Francisco, USA)

Women and Art exhibition (oil on cardboard boxes),  Scheltema Complex (Leiden, Netherlands)


Come Inside-Common Site (oils on cardboard, silkscreen, collage), MaHKU Exhibition Show, (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Bendy Babes, an on-line forum (published August 2009)

Blue House exhibition (photography), Blue House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

TamTam Festival (oil on canvas), Galerie TamTam (Leiden, Netherlands)

The Connecticut Prophecy (oils on canvas, silkscreens), Olof Art Gallery (Leiden, Netherlands)


Animal Estates group exhibition (oils on cardboard,wood), Casco Gallery (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Annual Open Exhibition (oil on canvas), “Café Gallery” (London, England)


Living Life Open, book of illustrated essays (San Salvador, El Salvador)


The Purple Problem, children’s book, written and illustrated in watercolor (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Cabbage Moon, Retold, children’s book, written in Spanish and illustrated in watercolor (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Advertisement poster (oil pastel on paper),  annual AIDS festival (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Beauty (oil on cardboard),18th Annual Women’s Works Exhibit (Woodstock, Illinois)


“word art” (oil on canvas series), Border’s Book Store (Wheaton, Illinois)

Commissioned mural (oil), Design Gallery (Wheaton, Illinois)

Exhibition (oils on canvas), Design Gallery (Wheaton, Illinois)

Respect/Dream, commissioned oil paintings, Jewel Middle School (North Aurora, Illinois)

Imagine the Possibilities (drawings, paintings/essays -later sold locally) one-woman art show (Wheaton, Illinois)


Mirror of Woman (catalogue of photos and writings), self-published and sold, (Wheaton, Illinois)

Mirror of Woman (oil painting, mixed media, and writing), solo exhibition (Wheaton, Illinois)

Body Boxes (oils on canvas), 16th Annual Women's Works Exhibit (Woodstock, Illinois)


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