Why I Do What I Do

Much of my recent artwork deals with themes of  public space and pop culture, gender and media influence. I am passionate about speaking to social issues around us, for example, the exploitation of women in advertising.

I want to interrupt public space with my images, putting the images in places where the general public might (or might not) already see similar images, hoping to catch their attention and make them look again.

In today's world, we are surrounded by images. Most of the time, we don't consciously consider each image. We see one picture. We see another. Our visual vocabulary is jammed as we ride the train, grocery shop or watch TV. They are all created through a particular filter, and all of them portray some kind of value.

But what about the "reality" of an older woman's face or young skin with blemishes? Can images question the norms that we easily see?

I make images in response to something I see as a problem. I don't have smooth, sophisticated answers. What I want to do is invite conversations. To hear the stories of women and men. To give space for venting, musings and new ideas. I don't paint to be an activist or a feminist. I paint as a woman responding to society around me. 



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